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Join practicing classroom educators in an important dialogue

Dear Teaching Professional,

The International Summit on the Teaching Profession (ISTP), convened annually by OECD, Education International and a host country, brings together education union leaders and education ministers  from 25 OECD countries to share best practices, insights, and inquiry on teacher policy. As a practicing educator, you have developed the skills, knowledge and dispositions necessary to be successful in the classroom and you can identify how and where these skills were developed. You can identify the policies which have been implemented effectively and have benefitted your students and school community. As an expert in education,

we are inviting you to take part in the discussion around teacher leadership at the first Pre­Summit­Day for Teaching Professionals at ISTP2016.

The idea for the Pre­Summit­Day for Teaching Professionals was born among Teacher Leaders who were part of our national delegations to ISTP2015. As observers at the Summit, we listened to the conversations of our education leaders, but yearned to share our perspectives and offer examples of effective practices and policy. Without a forum to discuss for ourselves, we communicated our thoughts during health breaks, through social media and an informal International Teacher Meeting. During the meeting, 15 educators from 6 different countries, shared their reflections of the summit, and  strategized about finding opportunities to collaborate with one another. We discussed the three summit themes that related to Teacher Leadership. It was during those conversations that the vision emerged for a space in which Teacher Leaders will reflect and shared their ideas, examples, and insights in tandem with the annual ISTP.

The result is the first Pre­Summit­Day for Teaching Professionals. Teacher Leaders will now have an opportunity to participate in this international platform to discuss and share ideas on the Teaching Profession, feeding into the global conversation on the guidelines for professional teaching standards, led by Education International. The result of the Pre­Summit­Day will be discussed with policymakers and elected representatives, enriching the conversation during ISTP2016 and showcasing teacher leadership.

We are extending this invitation for the Pre­Summit to all Teaching Professionals who are coming with their delegations to ISTP2016. The Pre­Summit­Day will occur March 2, 2016, prior to the official Summit proceedings on March 3­4, 2016. Teaching Professionals planning to attend the Pre­Summit­Day are encouraged to coordinate travel plans to arrive in Berlin on March 1, 2016. Teaching professionals planning to attend the Pre­Summit will need to

independently coordinate transportation and accommodations as this will not be provided by the ISTP­organizers/hosts.

All Teaching Professionals and observers are asked to register by Wednesday, February 17, 2016.

Space may become limited after that time. There will be 80 places reserved for Teaching Professionals and 20 places available for observers. Observers include but are not limited to ministers, teacher union representatives, ministry officials, policy makers and other education leaders. All Pre­Summit participants will receive confirmation shortly after registering. For more information visit our website and contact us through ​​

We are eager to see all Teaching Professionals in Berlin on March 2, 2016!


Yours faithfully,

Tagrid Youssef, Germany

Gwendolin Bandi, United States

Joseph Fatheree, United States

Mark Reid, Canada

Jasper Rijpma, Netherlands

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